I don’t have to meet each person living with me on planet earth to be able to tell everyone that this one simple truth can change their lives forever.

There are two habits that have caused every single moment of pain, fear, and anxiety that has ever occurred to anyone who has ever lived.

Those two habits are labeling and judging.

The moment I made a promise with myself to never label or judge anything that happened in my life again the world changed. We as humans all work the same. That one promise will change anyone who makes it.

When I am having work troubles I don’t label them as bad….they just are the way they are.

When people try to bring anger and pain into my life I don’t judge them……they just are the way they are.

When money worries strike I don’t label them as worrisome…..that’s just the way life is.

When the kids are acting up I don’t label it as irritating……it just is that way.

If I win a million dollars tomorrow…..I will not label that as a great thing…’s just the way life unfolded.

These two little words…..labeling and judging, eliminate them from your life and life flows like a dream. Life becomes a symphony.

I now live in constant awe of life. Everything around me fascinates me to no end. Everything is amazing.

Life is easy this way.

Life is wonderful this way.

Try living your life this way and you will, in one instant, understand exactly what I mean.

It only takes a second to make that agreement with yourself. It starts working immediately.