what matters

Once you have a clear and peaceful mind life becomes happier. Living a simple life with a clear mind is the first step to happiness and fulfillment.

If things need to change in your life often times they don’t need to change in order for your mind to be at peace. Get your mind to peace and then look at the things in your life that might need to change.

You just might find that your perspective just needed to change in order for those things to be enjoyable.

Get your mind to clarity and happiness before anything else.

We tend to live our lives backwards. We trade time for money early in our lives thinking we can get to the happy later in life. We sacrifice a lot. Time with our families, time for ourselves, our health and sadly…..our ability to be happy now!

Life needs to be the other way around.

Find the joy and happiness in life first and then create everything else around that.

What you will find is that success and money and everything else we strive for in life becomes all that much better. Why? Simple really. Instead of looking for “things” to make us happy in life we are already happy so everything we achieve in life from that point forward is not a source of happiness it is in addition to happiness. When we get to this point the goals we achieve in life are not depended on to make us happy they are achieved simply to make us happier.

When done in this order, you’re already a happy and joyful person and then the fruits of your labor make your life even better!

Don’t look for “things” or other people to make you happy, it’s not sustainable happiness. Sustainable happiness comes when life is so simple that the mere fact that you woke up this morning brings you all the joy and happiness you need in life.