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Some of us have a natural born ability to separate who we are from what we think.

The egoic/subconscious mind stands alone and separate from conscious awareness.

The egoic/subconscious mind is kept in check and survives only in the shadows of the subconscious. It is never empowered to impact anything in the conscious world. The conscious mind lives in awareness without worry of the past or future. The conscious mind lives in the moment and is present always. Life is lived in awareness. The mind is empty and there is peace always.

Some are not as fortunate and the line between the conscious mind that lives in awareness and the subconscious mind that is driven by the ego becomes cloudy.

When the line is cloudy life is lived primarily within the thoughts, feelings and emotions that the subconscious egoic mind dreams up. Since the subconscious mind is driven by ego and fed by fear it runs amok. Anarchy sets in and if left to it’s own devices will self-destruct. Depression, insanity or suicide can be the result in the worst case scenarios.

Often times the end result is far less severe but can create turmoil in the form of anxiety, stress and fear nonetheless. Life is lived within  these thoughts so life becomes those things. It really is like being trapped. There is rarely peace. Many live here and wonder, sometimes for their entire life, what is wrong……where is the joy? Where is the peace? Why am I not happy?

There may be flashes of happiness but it doesn’t last.

Is this the real you? Is the real you that inner egoic subconscious being  that constantly spins out between the past and future worrying and stressing about things that do not impact the only thing that you really have….which is of course the moment you are living in right now?


The real you is the conscious mind that simply observes the egoic/subconscious mind.

The real you remains the observer always.

The real you knows the egoic/subconscious mind is there with all of it’s fears and worries about the past and future but it never engages it. Without engagement there can be no impact. Without impact of the egoic/subconscious mind life is lived in the moment and in peace.

The real you is awareness.

The real you is an observer.

The real you does not engage anything the egoic/subconscious minds creates.

Life changes when this truth is realized.