Reblog from Being Present First

Anybody who tries to be present for any length of time will eventually come to this thought: ‘If I could only increase my desire to be present, I could be present more often.’ But the question of how to increase the desire to be present is complicated. This is so because we are not unified. Our inner psychology contains different ‘I’s’ or parts. These parts include essence and personality and the three different functions: the mind, the body, and the heart. As we all know different thoughts, emotions, desires, and perceptions can be uppermost in us for a short time and then be replaced by other thoughts and emotions. A feeling of greed may be replaced by thoughts about sex, which may be replaced by a feeling of remorse, which may be replaced by a desire to be present, and so on. The reason that our desire to be present is periodic is because the desire to be present in based on the understanding that we do not ordinarily possess full self consciousness and that understanding can only be realized by certain higher parts of our functions. (more)