I am positive we have all at one time or another looked at our children or any child and wondered how they do it.

They move through their lives with ease, joy and a limitless level of optimism. We all were this way as children.

Where does that go? How do I re-capture it?

Did it leave me completely or is it still somewhere inside of me? I know this has been asked before but I had never learned how to re-capture the magic of childhood. Hasn’t everyone thought of this?

It’s important…..there is freedom there. If we could only re-capture that!

As I gave this further thought one evening I had an instant flashback into that feeling I had as a child. The light, carefree, optimistic and energized level of excitement about what life has to offer hit me for a fleeting moment. Unfortunately it left me just as quickly as it had arrived.

Rather than disappointment I felt relieved.

Relieved because I had finally re-captured that sensation of total bliss that comes from emptiness. Good emptiness. Even if it was for just a brief moment. I was happy to know that if I could grab it for a moment I surely could figure out a way to capture it again and then re-create it at will. Very exciting!

I have since come to uncover that it’s amazingly simple to understand and just as simple to reproduce and for more than just a few seconds here and there.

The secret was to not try to re-capture those feelings. The secret was more about limiting my field of vision and thought to the levels that children are at naturally.

When I was a child I focused on the things that were right in front of me. I noticed them, I interacted with them and I did not lose the moment of focus on the object or event in front of me by subconsciously thinking about other things simultaneously. If you have ever been reading a book and at the end of a page realized you have no idea what you just read because your mind was off doing other things then you know what I am talking about. As an adult I used to do this all the time. Reading, washing dishes, working on the car, doing yard work…… my mind was always absent from the moment, it was off worrying or stressing or over-thinking something else.

I call this “moment pollution”.

Moment pollution really messes things up for us. It destroys our ability to focus and it robs us of the only thing we all really have in life……the moment we are living in right now.

This is a bigger deal than it seems. When we are absent from the moment we are living in a world that does not exist. There is no world in the past or the future. The world is right here in this moment and nowhere else. It has always been like that for everyone that has ever lived and it will always be like that.

Children do not do this. They can’t. They are moment pollution free.

They are consumed with whatever object or event that is right in front of them without the interference of polluting thoughts from the past or future. It’s easy for them because they have little to no past to rehash and the future is one big question mark that they don’t have enough data on to form any type of emotional response to. Life is easy.

Getting back to the solution I found, let me explain how I taught myself how to limit my field of vision and thoughts.

For me this really came down to emptiness. Once I push away the thoughts and emotions that are rattling around in my brain at any given time I find myself noticing the awe in normally overlooked objects or events. It’s at this moment, when my brain is empty and free, I am able to get myself into a childlike state.

I’m no Yogi so I can’t explain how you can achieve an empty mind but there are many resources on the internet if you look around.

Once I am in my childlike state I still have to remember how I felt as a child. I remember as a child I always felt as if there was something great about to happen. As I work through my process I push myself back into those emotions. I focus on just this one thing…..on transferring my current consciousness to my previous childlike state of consciousness.

This does take some time at the beginning and in order for me to arrive at my target…..feeling like a kid again…..I have to maintain both my level of emptiness (not thinking) and my childlike state of consciousness.

Usually, once I have been able to maintain this state for a few minutes I am able to start observing and interacting with my surrounding in a way that brings back all of that bliss, wonder and excitement. I pick up a ball and can imagine being a baseball player. I pick up a toy space ship and I imagine being an astronaut. When in this state I think of how truly exciting life really is and how much potential it actually holds. All of the things I took for granted or completely forgot about as an adult are new again.

During this transfer of consciousness there is nothing different happening around me. I am not on the ground playing with blocks and throwing toys around the room. I still very much feel and act like the normal adult I am. The only difference is inside my being I am a happy and playful child.

Since nobody around me can tell when I am in this state I try to stay in this state of being as long as I can. I am now able to make this journey back to my childhood quickly and hold onto it for hours at a time. It’s simply a state of mind, a state of being, a state of consciousness. There is no joy like that of a child. Who wouldn’t want to feel this as often as possible?