I believe we all have the power within us to overcome anything.

I believe when the demons of anxiety, stress and depression show up and starts wreaking havoc in our lives it means one thing…….we have forgotten how to effectively use the power of gratitude to allow these things to just be. Mix a strong level of gratitude with the healthy dose of the below technique for best results.

When I stopped fighting the demons and considered them as just another part of the universe everything stopped. The stuff was still there….problems, crime, money issues…..they simply lost their power to harm me. I see and react to the demons in the same way I see and react to a chair or a tree or a glass of water……they are all just things to me now. Anxiety is just a thing. Fear is just a thing. Depression is just a thing. A bike is just a thing.

Life is simpler for me now.

I don’t fret. I don’t worry. I don’t freak out about anything.

By the way, this revelation was not something I uncovered by myself, this was a lesson from Eckhart Tolle. Mr. Tolle has become a very important force in my life. He has clarified a lot of things for me. If you feel like something is not quite right in your life, read Tolle.

Learning to view life in this way may sound difficult to grasp or overly simplistic in nature when it comes to curing complicated issues like deep depression but I assure you the answer lies within. We indeed possess the power to fix our own issues. Take the time to explore this for yourself……you will be surprised how good life can be and how simple it can be to get there.

Don’t forget to focus on gratitude to bring it all together. Remember how much fun life was when you were a kid. The best way to do that is to act like a kid as often as you can…..life is fun. When was the last time you thought of that? Get back to it!