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I use a bunch of apps on my iPhone. I have several apps that track things…..I’m kind of a tracker.

Just recently I started using this app called Lift.


The premise is easy in that you enter a good habit that you want to get into. This is the first thing I liked about this app, it tracks building good habits instead of trying to end bad ones. I always look for the bright side of things so I don’t feel comfortable focusing on my bad habits. I would rather attempt to replace my bad habits with good ones. Fits how my brain works better.

One of it’s best features is it’s interface. Very simple to figure out and the app offers you up some very good suggestions……good habits to try and develop. I really like the way it provides some insight into how many people that are also using the app are tracking a particular good habit. For example: Currently the app tells me there are 22,316 other people tracking their good habit of meditating daily. By the way, they do all look to be daily habits but I could be wrong as I am still new to it. Another good habit people are working on right now is to stop drinking soda……there are 10,169 people doing that.


I think it is also very nice that you can see others check in on how they are doing with their good habits and give them props and make comments. Nice touch.

Being able to control the notifications the app sends me is very handy indeed. I have total control over when it tells me I have new props from other people and several other interesting points of data.


Finally, there is a super cool feature that I really like which is the ability to fully customize when and how often the app nags you to stay on top of your new good habit.

There are several things I like about this app and that’s why I decided to share with you all. I hope you like it! Oh…one more thing…..It’s FREE!

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