The Calm of Winter
The Calm of Winter

For me, mindfulness and gratitude comes so much easier in the winter.

I generally do not struggle to maintain mindfulness or gratitude but it happens.

During other times of the year it requires more focus and concentration than it does during the winter. I find that there are plenty of people that disagree with me and find the cold, harsh days of winter to be confining and often gloomy. Cabin fever sets in and things kind of snowball from there. For those that feel this way I suggest taking a deeper look.

I learned to enjoy the peace of winter’s pace. Winter has the habit of slowing things down a notch. I enjoy the calm serenity of the season. More than other seasons winter has the ability to overwhelm me with it’s cold crisp air, it’s ability to dampen sound with it’s blankets of snow and it’s very calming promotion of sleeping more due to it’s longer nights.

Everyone needs to slow down from time to time. Don’t fight it. Choose winter as that time to re-charge the batteries and get back to what is truly meaningful in your life.

Winter has this to offer. It’s there for you. You just need to see it and enjoy it.

Thank you winter…..I hope you stay a while.