fear is a liar

I felt it was important to share this.

Everyday I see people living in fear of the future. Worried or depressed about things that never materialize. Or, if their fears do materialize it’s nowhere near as bad as they feared.

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.Quote Unknown 

Is it really this simple?

Am I trivializing fear and depression?


I say this because we are powerful beings. We just seem to forget that sometimes. Sometimes for a long time! Decades even!

Some lies fear tells us:

  • You are not smart enough.
  • You are not pretty enough.
  • You are not worthy.
  • There is no point to it all.
  • The world is evil.
  • Everyone is out to get you.
  • Things will never get better.

If you are living in a less than powerful place…..a place that is focused on negativity and fear……come back. Start over. Reset your brain back to the time before all that social conditioning crafted who you are today. Life does have a reset button. You do not need to go looking for it. It is right here, right now in this very moment.

Plain and simple……it is our decision. Fear is a liar, don’t believe it.

My favorite saying is this, “Clarity of vision is power.” This is my mantra. I repeat this over and over to myself all day, every day.

Get a clear vision of how you want your life to be and you will be shocked how fast fear and negativity disappear. Once your brain is 1000% focused on a clear picture of how you want things to be there is no time or energy left for anything else but to manifest that vision into reality!

Go ahead, give it a try. Nothing to do physically it’s all about perspective.

BTW….how do I know it can be done. Am I some Zen Master? No. I did it myself. I speak from experience. My life has taught me this and I am extremely grateful for the lesson. I now shut down all negativity and fear the moment I sense them. I am completely focused on my life vision and nothing interferes with that……nothing!