This is a quick post regarding a review of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a student of Mr. Tolle.

I can without fear of overstating, say that he changed my life.

I always encourage people to simply read what he has to say. It’s not for everybody and there are many that simply don’t “get it”.

I don’t try to convince people that read his teachings but don’t share his beliefs to reconsider. I do however try to convince people that read his teachings and misunderstand his beliefs to reconsider after some clarification.

I ran into such a situation this weekend while reading people’s reviews of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose on (

There was one review in particular that stood out as a clear misunderstanding so much so that I felt compelled to respond and comment on her review. In her review she stated that she did not appreciate being told that she should not get attached to her family or career. She felt as if she was being taught to not feel any type of attachment so that when these things are no more one will not suffer from feelings of loss. She stated that she was fine with experiencing a full range of emotions in life and wanted to feel attached to these things.

There is no way that this person is wrong. She feels the way she feels based on her understanding of what she read. I posted my reply to her comment because I felt she misunderstood what she read. I am writing about this now because it is such a logical conclusion to jump to and I am sure others….maybe my readers?….. could have the same misunderstanding after reading any of Mr. Tolle’s teachings.

As I mentioned in my reply to her review I have not finished reading Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose simply because I keep reading The Power of Now and Practicing The Power of Now over and over but he has the same message throughout both books.

OK, so here is my point……Mr. Tolle teaches us to find peace, joy and happiness from within our own mindful selves BEFORE we seek them from other things like our career or family or whatever else. Once we master this ability it’s fine to attach ourselves to these things because they no longer will be the source of our happiness.

As these things in our lives come and go we remain happy. Not because we lost them but because our source of happiness remains….our own mindful being.

I hope others that have read Mr. Toll’s work have not had this misunderstanding but if so maybe I helped a bit? If not, that’s fine. There is no debate here. Creating a new way of thinking and being is a process and sometimes it never clicks.

I do hope it clicks for you.

Here is a link to her comments and my reply –