I get asked something a lot.

“How are you always so happy and optimistic?”

I have the same simple answer every time:

“The one thing that makes me the happiest is waking up every morning”

I realized that the key to happiness was finding joy in this one incredible event that happens every day. Once I got there everything changed.

Waking up every morning is a privilege denied to many.

This also applies to getting older…..which goes hand in hand with waking up every morning.

I was in a store the other day buying a bottle of wine and the cashier said to me……”I’m so sorry to have to ask but I need your birth date for the computer so I can sell you this wine”. I asked why she was so sorry. She replied, “I ask a lot of people and they get very offended”.

I then said…..”AUGUST TENTH NINETEEN SIXTY SIX!!!!” I said it loud enough so everyone around us could clearly hear my birth date.

Of course nobody around me realized what was going on, they just thought I was a crazy person but the cashier laughed.

She asked me why it didn’t bother me to have to announce my birth date. I told her what I said earlier in this post…..

Getting older is a privilege denied to many.

Internally, I take this very seriously and find great joy in waking up every day and getting older. I do not take it for granted.

Externally, I use this concept to try to get others to temporarily forget about everything else in life and focus and this one thing……the ability to find joy and happiness in the miracle of waking up every morning. Once you strip away all of the noise that life produces and reduce everything down to this one reality, full-time happiness starts and it never stops. It becomes a core element of everything you do!

There are different paths to full-time happiness and enlightenment but I truly believe they all start with this one thing. Once you achieve this daily joy of waking up every morning life becomes easier, happier and much more rewarding.