self enlightenement

It’s interesting to realize that there are millions of enlightened minds on this earth that have never once  meditated or read a book on the subject or even ever really thought about it much.

These people are born with an understanding that most of us strive to achieve.

I admire these folks.

Most of us have to develop our understanding through self-enlightenment. Our approach varies but I would imagine that most people are like myself in that I needed a lot of time to get my head around the philosophy before I could even start practicing it.

It was thorough my discovery phase that I truly grew as a person. My thinking began to evolve from my socially conditioned approach to every day life into my current enlightened approach.

I also learned there is no defined finish line into enlightenment. I call myself enlightened but I may not be and I may never be…’s all beside the point.

Enlightenment is defined by each of us in our own special way.

Enlightenment is an open minded approach to life that never ends.

Enlightenment is created by me…..for me, no one else.

I believe that self enlightenment is a process that heals. I said earlier that I grew the most during my discovery phase. The learning and discovering and healing began immediately, the day I started. I did not have to wait to “become” anything. I did not have to wait for anything at all….the benefits started right away.

The day I started my process of self enlightenment I began feeling lighter as a person.

Emotionally lighter, mentally lighter, physically lighter.

This sensation comes from relief of the burden.

Burden that build up over time. All kinds of burden that weigh on our souls every minute of every day. In hind sight I know that in the past even when I was happy I was burdened by the mental pressure that had built up in my brain and in my inner self. I was being robbed of full-time joy or for that matter even part-time joy. Everything was slightly diminished by the heavy weight I was carrying around all the time.

The heavy burden started building when I was young. Society began it’s evil process of gripping my thoughts and creating beliefs in my mind that things needed to be a certain way in order to be happy. The pressure to learn, the pressure to succeed, the pressure to become an image that was created by society for me.

My self enlightenment process stripped all of that away clean. It’s all gone. I no longer feel any of that pressure. I feel lighter!

During my process of self enlightenment I did not lose any motivation to succeed in life. I simply created my own image of how things should be and devoted all my energy to creating that.

For me, this is when I truly felt the full effect of the process of self enlightenment. My process continues every day.

My personal process of self enlightenment began with reading a book called A Guide To The Good Life – The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. I have a link to it in the left sidebar if your interested in checking it out.

This book helped me define a personal life philosophy. This was the key for me. For the first time I have a personal life philosophy.

At first glance the notion of creating a personal philosophy did not sound life changing but it was. The transition from a life philosophy that was crafted by society and a life philosophy that was crafted by me launched me into my journey of self enlightenment.

I continued on by reading every piece of Zen philosophy I could find. I studied Buddhism and created a system of self enlightenment that gradually shifted my inner voice into a positive and aware voice that speaks to me with nothing but energy and excitement!

From there it was easy. My core life philosophy was based on finding joy in every little thing that life has to offer. Since that time I now have had a clear and joyful life even through tough times.

Nowadays nothing can break my spirit. I am stronger both physically and mentally. Physically, because part of my transformation made me realize how much I had ignored my physical strength conditioning so I got back into weight training.

As my journey continues I find that every day I get happier and stronger as a person. Every day I get better at finding joy in everything around me. I also find that the process and the journey is the joy itself. There is no destination or as I mentioned earlier….. finish line.

I wish you luck with your journey and if I can help in any way please let me know!