Every Leaf
Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. Emily Bronte

I allow myself to look forward.

For me, mindfulness and living in the moment are essential elements of my life. I have learned over the years a very valuable lesson that could be helpful to others that may be holding on to the same beliefs that I once was as I developed my ability to practice these elements on a daily basis.

Living in the moment to me always meant not looking to the future for happiness.

When we do, we forget to find our happiness in the only thing we all really have……the present moment. Therefore I was always in an internal tug-of-war if you will when I found myself looking forward to moments I enjoy like the changing of the seasons from summer to fall or my son’s birthday or a vacation that was on the horizon.

I often felt almost robbed of that joy of anticipation that I enjoy so much.

Here is what I realized.

When I look forward to these things I am not looking to derive happiness from them because I am not happy in my present moment. I am happy in my moment. Looking forward to these upcoming blessings simply makes me even happier!

I realized when we are not finding the real happiness that (is) which comes from the simple moments that make up our lives (living, breathing, nature, family) and we look forward to the future to fill that void…..that is the culprit. That is the trap. That is the habit that creates our inability to realize how truly fortunate we are with what he have right this moment.

If you have mastered the ability to remain mindful and therefore joyful with every moment you are given there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking forward. If you have not mastered this ability and still struggle to find inner peace with all that is then I would not recommend looking forward too much for joy. Focus on mastering the power of living in the moment first then allow yourself the joy of looking forward for even more happiness!

By the way……I chose the autumn image for this post as I start looking forward to it’s arrival every year starting the 5th of July…..the day after Independence Day!

Yep, that’s how much I love it!