snowy cabin

The article linked below describes the way I like to relax during the day – in quick and easy breaks.

I don’t want to walk around like a zombie all day but I hate that ball of stress that seams to naturally form in my stomach over the course of a normal day.

I really like some of the cool little ideas they write about like the pinkie toe-light switch trick!

I have a trick of my own to add……

During the day when I close my eyes to do a “quick relax” or “power down” (my inner-voice terms) I clear my thoughts by visualizing the inside of my brain as a small one room log cabin that’s empty but has a dusty floor. Outside the windows I can see it’s lightly snowing but I can still see the lake nearby. I envision the dust to be all of my thoughts – good and bad. I take my time to focus on my sweeping until the floor is clean. I then turn around and admire my work. Slowly I stroll outside to take a long deep breath of the cold, snowy mountain air as I soak in the silence.

My little trick takes as long as I want and when I am done I feel calm, refreshed and focused.

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