hot weather

I had a very interesting conversation with my wife yesterday……. as I often do.

We were discussing our plans to relocate to Utah from California.

We are both very much in tune with weather and how it impacts our daily lives so it often comes up in many of our conversations. We are very different in our feelings toward hot and cold weather so we are always looking for a happy medium.

The conversation yesterday changed from our personal preferences regarding weather to how weather impacts our daily mood cycles so much. We wondered if everyone shares this experience. I’m talking specifically about our individual comments regarding extreme heat and cold.

My comment was as soon as it get’s over 85 degrees (F) I get in a funk.

My wife said the extreme cold (long cold winters) really brings her down.

We both realized at that moment we had to work on our inner selves in this regard. How could we allow ourselves to be impacted in such a negative  fashion……it’s just air temperature!

I say it all the time…… “I hate hot weather!” Do I really? I don’t think I do. How could I hate hot weather?

We both realized it’s like anything else in life that is extreme or uncomfortable. It’s all a matter of perspective. We are alive! That’s all the perspective we need! Life is a wonder and a miracle……hot or cold. Why let such a trivial discomfort effect us they way we do?

We quickly realized this and decided to stop giving in to such behavior and enjoy the weather regardless of the temperature.

We are lucky to be alive and we need to act that way….. always!

I am now looking forward to the next smoking hot day to test out my new resolve. I am going to go outside and bask in the heat of that day and I am going to be thankful for the privilege of being able to do so.