An In-Depth Retreat with Eckhart Tolle

Realizing The Power of Now


On Realizing the Power of Now, Eckhart will show you how to go beyond the endless stream of thoughts, and simply allow whatever is happening to occur; how to use sense perceptions and your inner body to find a peace that exists independent of conditions; and how to see past the “little me” and my story, and find your home in the living Now.

Realizing the Power of Now highlights:

  • Using your inner body as an anchor to the Now
  • The gift of full attention
  • Cultivating moments of pure awareness
  • The power in the simple act of noticing
  • Authentic grace and the original innocence we all possess
  • The liberation of laughter
  • How to expand the space between your thoughts for a deeper experience of the Now
  • Nature as a bridge to the divine
  • Why the teacher is always within you
  • Reactive thoughts how to catch them before they catch you
  • Definition of awakening
  • Entering the Now through the portal called “allow”
  • Why creativity and healing can come only from presence
  • Dissolving your pain-body with the light of consciousness
  • How to find the peace that underlies loss
  • Separating your life situation from your life
  • More than seven hours of personal guidance with the author of The Power of Now