There are thousand of very helpful Zen Proverbs. I have noticed after studying them for some time that they all basically teach us the same thing. A quiet, calm…..empty mind is where inner tranquility is born. The lack of this inner tranquility in the majority of our world’s inhabitants can be traced back to the core of just about every negative experience we as humans can experience on this earth.

Clearly I am not making some earth shattering proclamation when I say if we can teach the human race as a whole the ability to find inner peace this world would be a very different place.

Through the ages there have been millions of individuals that have attempted to get this message across to enough people in hopes that the world could eventually see the light of awareness and the joy of living in the moment. The goal of course being world peace. A tall order indeed but obviously well worth the effort.

I am not into “apple pie in the sky” thinking. I fully understand the magnitude of what a world-wide transformation of habits and beliefs would require and the likelihood of our earth ever achieving global inner tranquility that leads to world peace is remote…….at least in our lifetime.

This being said I truly believe it is possible.

The World Peace monument in a pond next to a s...
The World Peace monument in a pond next to a statue of the Buddha on a lotus in Swayambhunath temple site, Kathmandu, Nepal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The transformation has already started. There has never been a time in history when the ability to get ones voice heard was easier than it is today. Twitter, Facebook, blogs it’s all there at our disposal waiting for us to engage others.

Over time the transformation in thinking and being will take hold and spread. It will take time as Democracy has taken time. Countries that just a few years ago seemed destined to never realize the freedom of Democracy now are forging ahead and demanding it because of what? The power of communication.

Why not think that the message of world peace through global inner tranquility can take the same course?

The effect of social media in regards to The Arab Spring movement is amazing to consider. The message from protesters has been “the people want to bring down the regime”. I’m sure that millions of individuals have felt this way for thousands of years in some cases but the uprising never had a vehicle to mount a sustainable and organized effort. Government forces made this impossible…..until now.

This all being said, I see this as a path to world peace in that we as individuals can now reach so many people through the internet and we should.

As I said earlier this has started already but how do we as individuals get involved on our own to help build out movement? Do we join some group or donate to some peace organization? No need. Simply start with yourself……as I have……and build from there. No money needs to be spent, to special meetings to attend. Just start with you and then teach others around you what you have learned. Once you have reached enough people in your circle of influence move on to the internet and just talk about what you have learned and how inner tranquility has changed your life.

You are going to laugh when I tell you just how simple the initial steps really are. I am not going to suggest Yoga or chanting or even meditating. These are all very useful tools that indeed help but you first need to master one simple step. Master the ability to “just” do things. Anything, really. What I mean by this is simply remind yourself when you are doing anything to just do that one thing with your entire mind and being. Take notice of every aspect of the process from as far down to the core element of the fact that you have the ability to do the very thing you are doing. Let me give you and example……

You may have noticed the image I chose for this post (raking leaves). I chose this because I personally do a lot of raking around my home and I love it! It’s a chore that requires a lot of work so why do I love it? I love it because I have learned that I am extremely fortunate to be able to rake leaves. I am alive and have full use of my arms, legs hearing and sight that make this possible. How lucky am I!?!?!? Others without this ability would say I am very lucky indeed. Why would I take this for granted? I have taught myself a very simple technique that drives my inner tranquility. As I rake leaves or wash dishes or write this post I am constantly telling myself to “just” do this one thing without thinking about ANYTHING else. It does require some practice but it is easy to get started and once you remember to remember to do it with everything you do you will find that it really is a path to inner tranquility in that it prevents your mind from wandering off and thinking about things that are not in the moment. Ultimately you will realize just how powerful living in the moment really is.

My favorite Zen Proverb:

I have discovered that all of mans unhappiness derives from only one source, not being able to sit quietly in a room. -Blaise Pascal

This simple little trick can be used on anything and everything you do. Just watch……just listen……just sweep…….just drive……just read…….just write…….just walk……one thing at a time. Involve all of your awareness into everything you do as you do it.

Is that it? Well, yes and no. The ability to fully realize the inner tranquility that comes from this very simple habit will lead you on a path that will take you to even greater tranquility. You will find yourself exploring Yoga and meditation and all of the other tools the world has to offer.

Once we as individuals get ourselves going in the right direction we can spread the word as I am doing right now! Start small, just as I have shared this very simple starting point. Share this or maybe what works best for you with your spouse or relative and build from there.

The transformation towards world peace and global inner tranquility is a process but we have the tools at our disposal to get it done. I named this blog “Creating A New Earth Together” because it is time to create a new unified and global message. The world is ready and we can do it together!

Please share your thoughts!