I just read Deepak Chopra’s explanation as to why he created, of all things, a video came!

Deepak is a brilliant man and I have learned more about life from him and Eckhart Tolle than all others combined…..by a long shot. I was interested to understand the thinking behind a video game (http://www.amazon.com/Deepak-Chopras-Leela-Xbox-360/dp/B0056WJA3K) and I found one……http://www.forbes.com/sites/traceyjohn/2011/07/28/deepak-chopra-video-games-can-promote-higher-consciousness-accelerate-brain-development/

Once again his ability to create useful and powerful tools to help with awareness boggles my mind. I am just becoming aware of this game and I will be buying i to try it out after which I will post a personal review here.

One thing that struck me in the Forbes article is something that I am sure I have heard Mr. Chopra say before which is that people need help with the intellectual understanding of consciousness. We do indeed. Some of us more than others but we all are learning……even Mr. Chopra himself.

This is why he is so successful. Mr Chopra finds a way to explain it so we understand and thereby can implement these skills in our lives.

I am thankful for his teachings.

Life Is Good!